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10 Abandoned Cart Email Examples to Recover Lost Sales

Brands want their marketing campaigns to be the RMS Titanic, an engineering marvel, the very embodiment of sophistication, capable of arresting every gaze that is cast at it. But, thanks to history and James Cameron’s eponymous 1997 blockbuster, we all know how the story goes. A telling of the Titanic is incomplete without the mention of the baleful iceberg that brought about its unceremonious doom. Over time, the luxury ship and the iceberg have transcended their roles as historical entities to serve as metaphors- irrespective of how opulent your idea is, you must always take the effort to identify anything and everything that could potentially endanger it. Unless you do so, you’ll never be able to actualize it. 

So, in the context of your marketing campaigns, who, or rather what, is the iceberg? Abandoned carts. At present, the average cart abandonment rate across industries stands at a headache-inducing 69.57%. Imagine the amount of lost sales that figure represents! And get this, among mobile users this figure shoots up to 85.65%. Wait, wait, don’t let that bead of sweat escape your forehead yet. These numbers are troubling, I know, but know that you can circumvent them. How, you ask? By crafting effective cart abandonment emails. Need help getting started with those? We’ve got you covered. Here, we round up some of the finest abandoned cart email examples out there to get your creative gears swinging in full flow. Eager to see what’s in store? Let’s go!

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