10 Key Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO Services in 2022

With the internet today becoming an essential mover-of-things in the market, SEO has become one of the most important contributors to business growth, irrespective of enterprise size. It’s difficult to believe that anyone in charge of a business’s digital presence hasn’t heard of search engine optimization.

 The advantages of SEO for your business are nearly limitless, and utilizing them may boost your brand’s performance in the marketplace. At this point, not incorporating SEO Services into your business’s marketing strategy is essentially an invitation for your competitors to outperform your company. 

Think of the last thing you Googled – for information, a service you needed, or something you were planning on buying. Most likely, you went straight to one of the top three search results, just as most people do. Rarely do we ever scroll down or go to even the second result page, because we don’t need to. 

Google, and other search engines, are built to scour through billions of pieces of content and then present to you the ones that they believe will best answer your query. This is what SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is all about, to make sure your business shows up on top of the results. 

However, it would take a considerable time for your business to see the results brought by SEO Services, as the rules of search engine optimization are constantly changing. Businesses must stay on top of the latest SEO practices. 

For example, businesses ought to look out for the IndexNow protocol in 2022. Although it is still in the testing stage and has a long way to go before it is life, it enables businesses to notify Google of new pages, changes, and the removal of obsolete material. This feature may greatly accelerate the outcomes of your SEO efforts and provide you with a competitive advantage.

Here are more reasons to opt for professional SEO services:

1. Increase Brand Visibility

As we discussed earlier, one of the most important benefits of backing your content with good SEO is to rank higher on the search results and to be visible to your customers. After all, it doesn’t matter how helpful your content or services can be to them, if they can’t find you easily, they are not coming to you. A professional SEO service provider can build the right SEO strategy for you to rank higher on the search results and thus become more visible.

2. Target the Right Demographic

If you are selling a pencil, there is no reason to waste your marketing budget on someone looking for a laptop. This is where targeted marketing comes into the picture, and one of the easiest ways of doing that is through SEO. When a user puts a search query in Google, they know what they are looking for and actively seek information about it. This allows Google to pick the right leads for your business.

3. Save Expenses

With SEO services, you are not just saving money by not wasting it on blindly marketing to everybody, but also on your efforts themselves. SEO is way cheaper compared to other marketing options such as paid ads, influencer marketing, etc. In 2012, HubSpot reported that inbound lead generation costs 61% less than outbound. You don’t pay anything for the traffic, and all your expenses come down to the strategy and execution. In other words, with an affordable SEO service provider, you can get better traffic to your website for a fraction of the price.

4. Build Trust and Credibility

If you go back to your last google result, you’ll see that right on top are a couple of results with “Ad” written next to them. So, while paid results do show on top, they usually get ignored because the consumers are smart and avoid anything even remotely advertorial. People trust organic results more, and if your business shows up there, it builds trust and credibility among the consumers. Furthermore, beginning in late 2021, news-related material from all sources, not only digital publishers, has been eligible for inclusion in Google Top News. This means that if you write on relevant and timely issues that your audience cares about and optimize your material for Google News, you will have a better chance of increasing your reputation by being on what seems to be the internet’s home page in 2022.

5. Higher ROI and Conversions

Here are two marketing terms that every business chases – ROI and conversions. Traffic from organic searches is free, so it delivers more volume for a much smaller investment as opposed to paid searches where you have to pay for each click. While this directly translates to a higher ROI, benefits don’t stop there. Since organic searches target relevant leads, build trust, and make it easier for people to find you, it also offers a better conversion rate. In other words, more people are likely to choose your services.

6. Stick Through the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the whole process from the moment a person becomes aware of a product or service to the moment they buy it (and sometimes even after that). A typical buyer’s journey can have 4-5 stages, and the person gets bombarded with content in each of them. To make sure you don’t lose a potential customer to a competition, they must find you at every stage till they make the purchase. Only a professional SEO service provider can help you do that by creating a strategy that targets the buyer at each stage and pushes them further in the journey.

7. Stay Updated With Latest SEO Practices

Now, you might be thinking why do you need SEO services, and why can’t you just do it yourself? Well, you can actually. But there is a difference between doing SEO and doing it right. As stated earlier, SEO rules and what is considered “best practices” are constantly changing. Google is constantly revising how it ranks web pages, making as many as 3000 algorithm changes in just 2018. So, not only do you need to stay updated about the latest SEO trends but also know how to include them in your SEO strategy to stay on top of organic searches. Miss that and you can easily end up at the bottom of the results. Being proactive with these changes is the best way to retain and improve your position, and a good SEO service does exactly that for you.

8. Compete With Bigger Players

Competition is unavoidable these days; there is always somebody with a better marketing budget and more resources than you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. Since SEO doesn’t cost much and offers better conversion just by putting you on top of the results, you can easily compete with the bigger players without spending as much. With increased conversion, comes a bigger market share – and subsequently, an opportunity to compete with bigger players. Affordable SEO services like ours make sure you don’t get lost under the pile of similar businesses, and your voice is heard by the potential consumers

9. Improve User Experience

While Google considers how useful your content/offering is to rank you on the results page, that is not all that it looks at. It also considers users’ interaction with your website. So, it’s not enough that you get them to click on the link, but they should also stay there and interact for a certain duration. Low time spent or high bounce rate means the users aren’t getting what they want, and Google can push you down for that. In 2021, Google added a Page Experience Report in the Search Console for website managers to track users’ page experience. Businesses can use this tool to instantly discover advanced page performance and SEO concerns, as well as optimize how users view their content in 2022. A good SEO service makes sure that you aren’t just visible, but people also have a positive experience on your website.

10. Play the Long Game

Finally, SEO is a long-term strategy, and for it to work out for you, you need an SEO partner that can help you ace it. You need to do it right over some time before Google starts noticing you and pushes you up its results page. With time and consistent effort, you keep getting better results and can enjoy the top spot for longer. Since SEO is only going to play a major role in the coming times, the right SEO service can also future-proof your business.

There’s a Hindi idiom that loosely translates to “what’s seen is sold”, and it has never been truer than now. Even a good product can’t make it in this competitive market if it’s not seen by people, and you need a strong SEO strategy to do that. At The Go-To Guy!, we specialize in understanding the unique needs of different brands and creating personalized SEO strategies for them. Check out what we offer to start your journey to the top.

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