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11 Summer Marketing Promotions for Ecommerce Stores

Summer is here. For some online retailers, it might be the best sales season of the year while sales slump in the summer months for other merchants. Regardless, we’ve got some fun tips and summer marketing promotions to help you grow your online presence, generate awareness and boost sales.

1. Increase revenue with holiday sales

There are a number of prime opportunities for ecommerce businesses to run summer marketing promotional campaigns around specific holidays. For instance, Father’s Day, July Fourth, and Back to School are tried and true promotional opportunities. Since many customers are conditioned to look for bargains based on these themes, you can use this to your advantage. You can promote specific products that will showcase your brand and generate sales.

2. Introduce seasonal colors and phrases

We live in a highly social world where people like to associate with whatever is trending. No one wants to be out of fashion. You can leverage these trends, by introducing colors and phrases tied to your brand. If you plan to sell summery tank tops and t-shirts, people would likely opt for navy, red, purple, tie-dyed, or turquoise colors. Meanwhile, quotes like “I am a pool kid” or “time to seas the day” can help sell your brand. Be creative here.

3. Go for exclusive summer offerings

Customers love exclusive offers. It makes them feel important, and it creates a sense of urgency. You can offer promotions on inventory for which you want to maximize sales or move inventory. Offers like buy one get one free (BOGOs) will lure customers into choosing your brand.

4. Make the most of summer-themed events

You can establish your online presence by hosting and participating in summer-themed events (real or virtual). Such events provide an opportunity to engage with your customers. If you don’t know where to start or if your budget is tight, social media can be a good place to start. Virtual meet-ups and AMAs (ask me anything) are two ways you can engage with customers and expand your brand.

5. Run a Facebook or Instagram contest

Most of your customers are probably already active on Facebook, Instagram, or other social platforms. The popularity of these platforms can help fuel your growth. You can build awareness and content by creating a fun, summer photo contest. Ask your customers to snap and post creative photos or videos that feature your product or brand. You can also ask customers to tag the photos with a designated contest hashtag (#summerphotocontest). To help motivate your customers to participate, you can offer some small prizes along with recognition

6. Offer free shipping

An always popular sales promo idea for ecommerce businesses is free shipping. Shipping costs can be a huge pain point for online businesses. Customers hate paying for shipping. In fact, FedEx notes that “73% of consumers want to see free shipping at checkout.”

There’s a cost associated with offering free shipping, but it can also improve sales and conversions. For example, Monetate reports a  48% increase in customer acquisition with a free shipping offer.

Another great idea that works here is to offer free shipping on abandoned carts. Since shipping costs are one of the top reasons, customers abandon carts, offering customers with abandoned carts a Free Shipping promo could trigger them to  purchase.

7. Offer summer freebies

Apart from offering free shipping on certain products, consider running a promotion where you provide a free gift with every order.  Simple gestures can make a huge difference, especially if the gift is something your customers want. You don’t need to break the bank to impress your customers. For every transaction, your customers make, consider delighting them with simple gifts. It can be as simple as a limited-edition sticker.

8. Loyal customer coupons

Why not reward your loyal clients this summer? The best way to keep your customers coming back is by rewarding them. Consider treating your loyal customers with a just-for-them coupon for certain products, or offer them early access to a VIP sale or new product introduction. 

9. Partner up

Summer is also a good time to partner with your industry comrades. As an online retailer, you should find complementary, non-competitive brands and partner with them to increase your audience and generate new sales. This could take the form of contests designed to grow your social media accounts, exposure to new audiences, or the creation of exclusive product bundles that both merchants promote and sell.

10. Try a flash sale

If you have old stock, need a sales boost, or have too much inventory, consider running a flash sale to generate revenue and sell through stock. Ensure the flash sales are well-timed, and be sure to promote in email and on social in advance to maximize your reach and success. 

11. Create a summer shopping guide

Give people creative ideas about what they should shop for during this summer season. Recommending some of the best products you offer will indirectly drive sales back to you. Content marketing would come in handy here. Remember to recommend products that favor the season. For example, you can advise your clients to shop for shorts, caps, and coolers. If you are not offering these products, you can talk about your brand in the process.

The summer marketing promo ideas outlined here will help you increase your brand’s visibility and boost sales. 

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