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2020: Social Media Trends Predictions By Experts – SEO Ninja

Do you love flashback? Do you appreciate a sneak peek into the future? If yes, hold your breath and give this blog a careful read to see the major social media activities that happened in 2019 and trends 2020 will see. And yes, everything from privacy to TikTok will greet you.


Michelle Goodall, consultant and trainer

Private digital communities, ad-free and messaging will make their way back. Having said that, business connections and networks will use Guild; whereas, local groups will be seen using Telegram.

Tom Jarvis, Founder and MD, Wilderness Agency

Messenger applications are all set to become even dominating. Talking about small closed groups, platforms such as Cocoon will bloom to a whole new level.

TikTok Engagement

Tom Jarvis, Wilderness Agency

TikTok gained wide popularity in 2019 and so did Snap. If we talk about Facebook and other popular giants, they have struggled to match this pace. As obvious, it has created a significant effect on the way videos are consumed along with inclination towards AR or Augmented Reality.

Developing an ad platform to competitors, TikTok will gain more popularity. Need not say a number of brands will be bought on-board along with depression in user engagement.

Sarah Baumann, MD, VaynerMedia

More and more marketers will be drawn towards TikTok, thanks to it diversifying its content way beyond music. Another plus point for the app to expand its horizon is the way it provides opportunities to collaborate with superstars. This way, brands can easily approach the Gen Z audience.


Zoë Stephenson, Co-founder, The Social Shepherd

It will be interesting to see how there happens a change in the behavior of consumers with changes in the platform. For instance, it is worth noticing whether removal of likes on Instagram makes the app more authentic in terms of the content that will be posted. Another thing worth keeping an eye on is whether consumers will trust Facebook enough to process payments.

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Impact Of Fake News On Social Media On Advertisers

Eric Shih, Global SVP, Business Development at Teads

New publishers will continue becoming stronger in 2020, thereby, following the mergers of Vox, Gannett, New York Media, Daily Mail and GateHouse. Also, consumers in favor of GenZ demographic will garner more interest in premium news outlets.

Keeping in mind the brand safety and noticing the growth in fake news on various social media channels as well as user-generated videos, it will get crucial for the marketers to focus on premium publishers.

Conscious Communication

Tom Jarvis, Wilderness Agency

Certain brands have been trying hard to remove negative impact of social media. Besides, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have also put efforts to make users understand the importance of constructive usage of the these channels.

Sean Cole, Social Media & Community Manager, Econsultancy

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As Facebook is constantly increasing its cost, marketers might move towards other platforms to meet their advertising and marketing needs.

Tom Jarvis, Wilderness Agency

There has been a lot of pressure on Facebook and other channels to bring changes in their way of operation. As a result, Twitter banned using political ads, Google has changed guidelines for campaigns and political figures when it comes to target users.

And this is it. Hopefully, you will find these predictions useful and plan your strategies accordingly.

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