4 Things You Should Know Before Beginning Any Marketing Campaign

by Audrey Clark | Oct 18, 2022

Picture this – you have an idea for a new marketing strategy. You and your team are excited, chomping at the bit to get this new strategy in market. This may feel like you’re about to embark on an awesome road trip; the gas tank is full and all your favorite snacks are within reach. 

You immediately dive into building out the strategy only to uncover more questions than answers. As you strive to get clarity on those questions, you notice the momentum is slowing down. You are approaching an area with congested traffic. You may be waiting on another department to finalize an asset needed for the landing page or confirmation that the prospect list is up to date. At this point, you cannot control the speed at which the strategy is built and you are now sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic until you have everything you need.

A better, more efficient route is determined by having the following details finalized before the journey begins:

  1. Objective – What is the purpose of the strategy?
  2. Audience – Who are you trying to reach? (Get specific, here!)
  3. Budget – How much can you spend?
  4. Timeline – When does it start and how long should the strategy run? 

Before beginning any marketing campaign, make sure your team is aligned on these 4 things.

With clarity on the objective, audience, budget, and timeline, you will be cruising along as you write content and design assets such as emails, social platforms, paid ads, and landing pages. Those steps are a big mile marker on the journey to launching a new strategy. Sure, you may hit some traffic, but it won’t take nearly as long if you’re aligned on these 4 things first. (Too bad the same isn’t true with your morning commute!)

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 by Audrey Clark

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