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Craft beer is becoming ever more popular in the UK. Often manufactured in independent breweries in small batches with an emphasis on new and adventurous flavours, craft beer has a fast-growing cult following. Here are four tips for starting up your own successful craft brewery with minimal hassle and maximum profit.

  1. Your Can is Your Selling Point

Getting the design of your can right is one of your biggest challenges, but can also be your biggest selling point.

With many pubs now running summer craft beer festivals, customer reach can be extended by partaking in a festival, and inviting tasting by selling single cans at a discount, or a multibuy deal. 

Having a jazzy can design will help you go miles in ramping up the customer interest, as can design influences purchases from collectors. Get creative by using bright colours or cartoon designs – either design your own label and have it manufactured, or use designers from companies like Lemontop who can professionally design your can for you.

You may also want to take into account the size of your can. While stronger craft beers are commonly served in 440ml cans, some are also packaged in 568ml, or pint-sized cans. This may make a difference to your customer base, as depending on intensity of flavour and ABV, smaller cans may be preferable to larger cans.

  1. Figure out Your Market

Your market is very important to figuring out your target customer demographic. 

To find your market, you can visit beer festivals like CAMRA gatherings, which are famed for their extensive membership. 

When customers taste your beer, you can ask for feedback through platforms to hear their thoughts firsthand from seasoned palates. 

  1. Find Your Brewery Premises

Your brewery is where the magic happens, so getting your location right is essential for good business.

You might want to think about whether you would like to open your brewery up for visitors – many craft beer enthusiasts like to visit breweries to find out how their favourite beers are made. 

If this is the case, you may want to build in viewing decks, employ tour guides and maybe create a gift shop stocking your best selling craft creations for visitors to buy. 

  1. Get Your Health and Safety Measures Up to Scratch

Health and safety is paramount in a workplace, but it’s especially important in businesses that manufacture food and drink.

By keeping your policies surrounding health and safety and environmental health up to scratch, you can make sure your business continues to flourish without the stress of routine inspections from officials.

Companies like Smart Storm can help you clean up your wastewater by removing excess enzymes, and organic compounds to reduce the likelihood of you receiving a fine from water companies. 

Do you have any tips for starting up your own craft brewery? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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