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SEO for SaaS brands is quite different from the usual SEO tactics that work well for ecommerce and most B2C brands. So, before you launch your next campaign, take a look at these seven tips that will help you boost your organic traffic.

Optimize for People, Not Search Engines 

Before you do anything else, remember that you are building a website for humans, not search engines. While there are certain SEO practices to follow in order to rank better, don’t try to cheat the algorithm. 

When you build a website that has good UX and has been optimized well, it will rank. All you need is quality pages. Write high-quality content, and don’t worry too much about adding a specific keyword a specific number of times. The search engine is smart enough now to understand what your page is about without that. 

Be a Speed Fiend 

Speaking of optimizing for search engines, feel free to consider website speed a major ranking factor and act accordingly. Make sure that all of your pages load as fast as possible. Lazy-load visuals and videos, defer what you don’t need, and remove any unused code from your pages. 

Especially focus on reducing loading times on mobile, as mobile users get impatient in as little as a couple of seconds. They’ll simply click off if your website is not showing up. 

Do You Research 

Before you get started with any on- or off-page optimization, make sure to check out what the industry standards are. If all of your competitors have really slow websites, you don’t need to make sure you tie all of your loose ends regarding loading speed. You just need to make sure that you’re better than them. 

Understand what your audience is looking for, what keywords they are using, and where they like to hang out. See what is being offered to them at the moment and figure out how you can do it better. 

Match Search Intent 

People have a specific intent when they type something into the search box. Matching it with your pages will mean that you are giving them exactly what you want when they want it

For instance, if someone is asking a question about a product, they are probably not yet looking to sign up for a trial or use a tool. Create content that answers the questions that people are looking for, and funnel traffic from there to your pricing and features pages. 

On the other hand, optimize your homepage for the main query your audience will have for your specific product. If you are a time tracker, use that phrase on your homepage and in your meta and title tags to clearly tell search engines what you are and help them rank your site for terms like “time tracking tool.” 

Create Top-of-the Funnel Content 

In SaaS, it is often more important to rank for top-of-the-funnel keywords. Plus, it’s much less competitive and thus easier to rank well. 

A lot of your audience will be looking to solve a problem. They may not necessarily know that they need your tool. By creating content that tells them how to achieve something, you will draw attention to yourself and spark the interest you’re looking for. 

Get Featured Where It Matters 

In order to get more organic traffic, you need to build some quality links to your website. When you first start out, aim to work with smaller, niche blogs that may have a smaller audience but are reputable and match your brand’s ethos. 

Once you get a bit of a name for yourself, you can start pitching larger websites and news outlets. Be genuine about the purpose of your outreach. Ask to be featured in the website’s existing articles that could naturally reference your brand.

Note that a lot of websites will ask you to pay for the link, but this is not necessarily something you have to agree to. With a better pitch, you might be able to acquire your backlinks without payment. 

Work with the Best 

Link building and some other elements of SEO can be quite difficult to execute, especially if you’ve never worked on something similar before. Ideally, you want to outsource these tasks to a reputable agency.

Make sure to only work with the top SaaS SEO agencies, as they won’t be using black-hat techniques or building you low-quality links. 

Also make sure that the agency you want to work with has worked with someone from your industry or niche before. That way, you can rest assured that they’ll understand what your audience needs.

Wrapping Up 

Consider these SEO tips for boosting your organic traffic as a SaaS brand. Remember that you also need to align them with your overall marketing strategies and your target audience’s preferences.

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