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7 Enterprise Tech Trends To Consider In 2023 – Startup Opinions

2022 was a game changer for the technology market, and 2023 seems to only power up the exciting tech trends. While technology makes life easier, it also affects how businesses operate on the market. For some companies, technology can bring benefits, while those who are not ready can experience issues with adapting to the new reality. And you want to be in the first group.  

Considering the progress we see in almost every area of IT development, and new technologies becoming more widely adopted, it is always best to stay ahead of the market by knowing what trends to watch out for this year. Here we describe the top tech trends every organization should know and expect to see. 

The Need for Sustainability 

One of the key trends that organizations will see in 2023 is that the lion’s share of companies will make their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies a central part of their strategy 2023.  

A recent survey from Gartner shows that CEOs are reporting that ESG is considered to be in the top three strategic priorities after revenue. As a result, organizations must prioritize investment in innovative solutions and tech trends to meet their sustainability goals, while sustainable technology remains key.

Accelerated Digital Transformation 

Experts expect to see a huge change in the substantial developments since technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are entering various industries. Other technologies that will take the world by the boom are virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and cloud computing in 2023. Even though some believe that these technologies work separately, the truth is that they work hand-in-hand and force companies to apply the entire list of them to ensure more efficient and streamlined processes. 

While the world has already experienced a digital transformation, we will see more and more changes in various domains thanks to the speed of the tech market. These technologies will add value to the business through digital products, services, and immersive experiences. In addition, many companies found that digital transformation helped them to organize a more visible and sustainable online presence during the pandemic.

Prioritized Cyber Resilience and Risk Reduction

The last but very important trend in the tech market is prioritizing cyber resilience over response to cyberattacks. Thanks to the rapid growth of technologies and tools, hackers have developed new ways of reaching business-sensitive data. And these attacks can cost millions for companies while also putting at risk their customers’ loyalty and trust. That is why it is essential for modern companies to invest in improper security practices instead of reacting to successful attacks.

Mobile applications and web apps are two key considerations since their usage is growing every day. First of all, it is crucial to perform testing at the stage of development. For example, engineers can use nginx WAF to make the web app more secure and resistant to various cyber-attacks. In addition, companies have to review the code and monitor any potential vulnerabilities related to third-party servers used. 

Some organizations also prefer to hire cybersecurity specialists who can perform penetration testing to see how secure the IT infrastructure is. A pen test is an excellent way to reduce risks since it uses the same tools and practices as hackers do to show real vulnerabilities of the organizations or software. 

Containers Remain to Stay 

Containers have long been here and remain vital in 2023. Experts say that containers will continue to gain popularity and even become the primary hardware structure in the technology sector this year. A Gartner report says that 70% of companies will run more than three containerized apps this year. The process became popular thanks to quick and seamless setup, augmented security, as well as impressive scalability. This makes containers a great trend and an effective way for companies to achieve IT goals for current needs and organize future growth.  

Popularity of Wireless Technology 

Even though it is expected that a specific wireless technology will dominate in 2023, experts say that companies will increase their use of a variety of wireless tools and solutions to support their IT environments. And the use cases will also vary from Wi-Fi services for mobile phones to low-power protocols. 

Wireless technology seems to be especially prominent in IT systems needing higher scalability to organize business growth and development. In addition, the growth and 5G coverage in 2023 will lead to more businesses turning to wireless for reliable connectivity. 

Transformed Workforce

It isn’t surprising that the workforce is also transforming thanks to changes caused by COVID-19. The skills and adaptability of IT staff have been greatly tested by rapidly evolving technological trends. Since code is less used, other skills are now becoming more vital for organizations looking for top talent in the pool.

The pandemic not only made it possible for remote work and a huge shift in work conditions, but it also made more IT workers opt, or want, to work for companies offering unique opportunities. Deloitte says that 85% of IT companies offer hybrid work formats. In addition, more and more companies are choosing to outsource their IT support.

We also see more skills becoming vital for the organization. We are talking about soft skills like communication, adaptability, proactivity and creativity in IT staff since companies believe only those skills can help them survive in the current market. 

AR/VR and the Metaverse

We have already talked about AR and VR, but this trend is about Metaverse. While it was first designed for NFTs, it has already shown to be a good start for companies to explore new marketing and business opportunities. The AR/VR technologies powering the Metaverse seem to advance at a breakneck pace, forcing tech companies to spend a lot of time and invest money in the future of their business within this virtual world.

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