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7 Tips For Keeping Your Company’s Office Clean and Hygienic – Startup Opinions

A work desk covered in dust and clutter is naturally an eyesore — but keeping an office clean isn’t just about making it look nice.

A clean workplace can also bode well for its users’ health, impress clients and, according to a LinkedIn article, make employees 2-8% more productive. Maintaining a dirt-free work environment doesn’t have to be arduous, either — as the following tips attest.

Reduce clutter 

You do so much at your work desk that lots of random items can inevitably end up gathering there before you have particularly noticed.

Torn envelopes, tatty receipts, hurriedly scrawled to-do lists and outdated documents are all examples of pieces that, if not disposed of in a timely fashion, could linger on this desk for too long.

Avoid eating at your work desk 

That’s because, otherwise, it could too easily collect food particles. These could potentially get lodged between and under keys of your keyboard and consequently hang around at your workstation even when you do have time to clean it.

On your lunch break, it would be good practice for you to only eat your food outside or in a food preparation area, such as an onsite kitchen.

File, file and file again 

No, that’s not a reference to your nails — you can file them after office hours! However, suggests: “Maybe you should start organising all your documents in proper files.”

Through acting on this advice, you can help to prevent paperwork from piling up on your desk and gathering dust there. 

Have hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes handy 

These should be left on your desk as a matter of routine — except, of course, when you actually use them for disinfection purposes. 

When you keep a bottle of hand sanitiser and a container of disinfectant wipes at your workstation, you will be able to quickly clean hard surfaces as and when necessary.

Utilise office cleaning services 

This might initially seem like an obvious thing to do if you want to keep on top of office cleaning but often lack the time to manually do that cleaning yourself. 

However, it would pay for you to be selective about exactly where you source those services. For example, renting a serviced office from BE Offices would enable you to benefit from daily daytime and nighttime cleaning as part of the package.

Clean the carpets and floors regularly 

Given how often members of your team probably walk over these while carrying the likes of staples and paperclips, it stands to reason that random bits and pieces can accumulate on these surfaces.

Vacuuming can suffice on carpets and hard floors alike — but, depending on the issue at hand, you might need to turn to a chemical solution instead.  

Go fully digital with files and documents 

This step can significantly reduce the amount of paperwork you would have to deal with in the first place. If you are supplied with paper documents that you know you need to keep, you could scan them in order to replicate them in virtual form.

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