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7 Ways to Make Call-To-Actions work for your eCommerce Business – PinnacleCart

You spent a lot of time and effort on your online store – making it look attractive. And yet, you’re not even reaping the benefits of having a good-looking storefront. Customers leave with items sitting in their carts. You have a ton of site visitors but hardly any sales. How come?

Perhaps it’s because they’re not sure what to do the moment they land on your website’s home page. This could be because your website lacks clear Calls-to-Action that will help guide customers through your online store.

When you visit any website, you’ve likely encountered short phrases encouraging you to do a particular action. Such a phrase is called a “Call-To-Action”. It is a short message prompting an immediate response from whoever is reading or hearing it. You may have come across buttons saying “Sign Up” or “Subscribe”, or pop-ups persuading you to “Get your Free Trial” or “Redeem your voucher”. These are examples of CTAs. You can also find CTAs in promotional emails, ads, etc.

For an eCommerce business, CTAs are never left as an afterthought. If anything, brands consider them an integral part of their marketing strategy. In fact, 47% of websites have a clear CTA button that takes people 3 seconds or less to see. While shopping online, you might have seen buttons and links inviting you to “Buy Now”, “Add to Cart”, or “Claim your Freebie”. These are a few eCommerce call-to-action examples. CTAs are a key element of every online store. No amount of excellent web design can guarantee sales if customers do not know what to do when they hit your landing pages.

These phrases, simple and short as they are, serve a larger purpose. They help potential customers navigate your website and encourage them to further interact with your brand. Straightforward CTAs can simplify the decision-making process for customers. They eliminate uncertainty over what shoppers need to do next and where they need to go. Clever use of CTAS can also help with product page conversions since they guide shoppers toward the desired action. These are only some of the myriad ways that compelling CTAs can give your marketing strategy a leg up. In this article, we will walk you through the process of creating effective CTAs and how to properly use them on your eCommerce website.

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