9 Best Content Writing Services: Content Production in 2022

4 TextBroker

A Good Writing Service In An Outdated Web App




Large pool of writers

Easy submission process

Automatic Copyscape


No deadline guarantees

Content quality is hit-or-miss

Hard to coordinate with a specific writer

TextBroker is a content marketplace, which means you submit your article request to a pool of writers, and any writer who meets your qualifications can pick it up. We used to be big fans of TextBroker. For the longest time, it was actually this roundup’s top pick. But things changed a bit. Let’s see why.

Content Quality

The content you get from TextBroker is never outright bad… but the quality is inconsistent.

Anyone can pick up your content through TextBroker, so you never know exactly what writer you’ll be dealing with. There are some amazing writers on the platform. And sometimes, the content can be excellent. This is echoed by our AH Pro group, which voted for TextBroker as their second choice for the best content writing services:

AH Pro Facebook Poll Votes

But it’s a hit-or-miss, really. On top, the type of content you order will impact the quality of what you get back. if you buy their 2 cents-per-word package, don’t expect publish-ready orders.

Process And Delivery Time

TextBroker is a marketplace, so the submission process is essentially just choosing a quality level, uploading instructions, and waiting for a first draft. But honestly, it’s TextBroker’s biggest drawback. Here’s what you have to do to order content through TextBroker:

First, you pick an order type from the main dashboard:


If you want to work with a specific writer/team of writers, you can use their DirectOrder and TeamOrder packages, which is helpful.

After you choose an order type and value, you can fill in the brief about your article. And then wait for a first draft.

Just make sure you remember your account password. TextBroker has the most annoying logging system. You can only sign in through Gmail once. After that, you’ll need to input your credentials manually.


Curious about other problems with their platform? You can only pay through PayPal.


I know this may sound nit-picky, but it’s a real hassle to be limited in how you can pay. Especially if you want to order content as a company. And especially since you don’t know about this until you’ve filled out an order request.

Their delivery time can be good, but unless you’re buying their managed service (which takes care of your entire blog for at least $2,500/month) you don’t get deadline guarantees.

TextBroker could have the best content writing services on the market. Even then, the process would really hold it back.


TextBroker Pricing

If you’re not picky about content quality, you can get their 3 stars, 2.3 cents/word package. But we don’t recommend that. You should at least get the 4-star package, which is 3.3-3.5 cents/word.

And if you want guaranteed high-quality, their 5-star plan will give you (supposedly) publish-ready content. But it’s going to cost you 9 cents/word.

You can also buy their managed service upsell if you want a set-it-and-forget-it model. For a minimum of $2,500/month, TextBroker will set up a team to care for your entire content needs.

What People Are Saying About Them

People discussing textbroker online
People discussing textbroker online

Like WordAgents (and all the other content creation services), some people online aren’t happy with TextBroker. In fact, some claim TextBroker content is just embellished AI writing.

And that might be true. Considering the vast amount of writers and the low price for their 4-star content, it’s possible that AI writing makes its way into your orders. But by and large, TextBroker doesn’t seem too far off from your average content creation service.

Our Experience With TextBroker

Bar from the hassle of using their platform, we’ve had good experiences with TextBroker.

In fact, when we first wrote this article and field-tested content writing services, TextBroker had the fastest turnaround time, the best quality, and all for one of the lowest prices on the market. So you can get lucky. But it’s not a guarantee.


TextBroker is best for large orders of highly systemized content that you don’t mind editing. What’s that mean? Large orders of similar articles that all have the same structure and for which you have a really, really good brief. Other than that, maybe try a different content creation service.

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