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Advertising on Facebook with Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns

Welcome to the first podcast of 2023!

As the holiday period has only just concluded, you might feel overwhelmed with new resolutions for your business. We’d like to discuss a new tool that will help you land your very first success this year with minimal effort.

Join our new episode on the Ecwid Ecommerce Show as hosts Jesse and Rich dive into the new advertising tool by Facebook, Advantage+ shopping campaigns. They also share some tips to make it perform above and beyond, so take notes!

What Are Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns?

You might remember we talked about Google’s Performance Max in one of our latest podcasts. To recap, Google Performance Max takes your product feed, multiple different headlines, and subjects. Then it mixes all that information together with your various customer lists and does your advertising for you using machine learning.

Facebook is now doing practically the same thing. It’s called Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Learn more about Facebook Advantage+ shopping campaigns and how to set them up in Meta’s Business Help Center.

The Key to High-Performing Ads

To use Facebook Advantage+ shopping campaigns, you must have a product feed. A product feed is the actual list of your products along with product information. If you’re using Ecwid by Lightspeed, you probably have your product feeds all ready to go.

Since Facebook Advantage+ shopping campaigns use your product feeds, they should be high-quality to ensure the generated ads perform well. Ads are only going to be as good as the data (aka a product feed) that you provide for them. Make sure your product feed has good pictures, videos, descriptions, and titles so the data you feed the advertising tool is as good as possible before it is sent off into the world.

Vertical Video Ads

One tip for creating successful ads is to use a video instead of a picture—especially a vertical one, like the one you would take on your phone. Advertising on Facebook is built more around mobiles than computers these days because most people watch videos on their phones. That makes vertical videos more engaging and optimized for ads.

Landscape videos and pictures can be easily turned into vertical videos. Turning them into vertical videos just requires using another tool, which can be easily found online. And if you already have content for campaigns you previously used for advertising on Google that performed well, don’t hesitate to reuse them.

Be the First to Try New Advertising Tools

Facebook Advantage+ shopping campaigns have just been released, so they might not be available to all users yet. However, we strongly recommend you try it as soon as possible.

When new tools are released on advertising platforms, they push their reach as much as possible. They prioritize collecting more data about the said tools to see how effective they are.

We’re not making any guarantees here—advertising platforms don’t disclose the actual algorithm—but from what many marketers have shared over time, it’s clear that whenever a new feature emerges, there tends to be an amplification of its reach and visibility. So take advantage of this as soon as you can!

Make sure to check out the podcast episode to learn more about Facebook with Advantage+ shopping campaigns. The episode is full of even more tips to take full advantage of the new advertising tool by Facebook and get your business rolling in 2023.

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