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Axie Infinity vs Sandbox – Startup Opinions

The cryptocurrency market is evolving, welcoming many new interesting projects. In the last few years, metaverses, GameFi projects and NFTs have been gaining momentum. One of the first play-to-earn projects that emerged in the market is Axie infinity. Let’s discuss it today and compare it with not less popular Sandbox.

What is Axie Infinity?

Inspired by a famous Pokemon game, Axie developers crated a game where participants can earn crypto tokens for different activities during the gameplay. Bonuses come in the form of NFT tokens called Axies. They look like cute small cartoon animals, and each of them has value. The main idea of the game is to gather NFT animals and to breed them using the following additional tools:

  • Land and plots
  • NFT duels and battles
  • Trading AXS coin
  • Breeding – creations new animals.

These tools allow to expand the game landscape and rise the token value. The maximum price of the Axie infinity token was $165.37 at its peak. As of October 2022, the axs coin is traded at $8.96.


Sandbox is another popular platform that unites a metaverse and a game where participants invent, share, purchase and exchange digital assets and games. The same as with the Axie game, Sandbox allows you to rent and buy land. The land can be then resold to other users at a higher value. The platform also allows one to build their own games and sell them to others. The core of all the operations in Sandbox is a Sand token. Its price is $0.7448 (October 2022).

Picking between these two projects, you should understand what you enjoy more – playing games and receiving rewards in the form of NFTs or creating games and doing business in the metaverse. Depending on your skills and desires, pick one of these projects to invest in. Both Sand and AXS tokens are available on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange.

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