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BuzzSumo Chrome Extension | Performance Data As You Browse

What are the benefits of using the Chrome Extension?

Save tons of time on content research

Inform your content strategy on an ongoing basis, in a single click.

Avoid tab fatigue

There you are, sifting through your emails, trying your best to make it to inbox zero – but interesting articles and campaign ideas keep catching your eye. 

You open them and think: I must come back to that later. 

What actually happens: those tabs, or tab groups, or reading lists stay open for weeks, until you can’t bear it anymore and close them all forever. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! 

BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension not only helps you spot successful content, it lets you bank that content and share it with your team via BuzzSumo Projects. 

Data that follows you wherever you want to go

Reading tweets? Get the real story on how engaged an influencer’s audience actually is with average retweet metrics.

Watching YouTube videos? Dissect a creator’s reach by diving into their share counts.

Googling your focus keyword? See how the top players size up beyond search.

Reduce clutter, analyze on the go, and build content, PR, and influencer research into your daily workflow.

Access 40+ data points and metrics

Get a holistic view of engagement with access to as many metrics as your strategy requires.

Analyze performance across 6+ platforms

From brand blogs to Facebook pages, wherever your strategy takes you BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension won’t be far behind.

Find untapped opportunities

Assess the impact of content on the spot – is it a real opportunity, or has it never made it past the creator’s inner circle?

Is this new industry trade publication gaining traction or has nobody linked back to it… ever? 

Is there a new influencer or journalist opportunity in the piece you’re reading now?

See who shared it, and find out.

Get the freshest insights 

Whatever content you search, BuzzSumo will discover fresh performance metrics – even if they’re not already tracked. 

Using the Chrome Extension triggers BuzzSumo to index the content and influencers you want to see, and expands the BuzzSumo universe.

If we didn’t have it, well we do now 😉

Get data that’s consistent

When you trigger indexing in BuzzSumo’s Chrome Extension, these updates are also reflected across the app.

We always show the same metrics in all areas for data consistency.

Let the data do the talking

Sometimes you consume a piece of content and think “Wow, that’s great”, or maybe “Wow… that’s not so great”. 

But your gut instinct may not always match the consensus. 

Let the data do the talking.

Analyze while you read, and understand what makes a piece of content truly successful.

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