Call To Action Buttons: Why Are They Important? | Treebird Branding

Call To Action Button Tips


The size of a call to action button relative to its surrounding elements typically indicates its level of importance. The larger the button is, the more important it is. With that being said, the larger the button, the easier it is to find and recognize. Decide how important certain site actions are, and size your call to action buttons accordingly.


The positioning of call to action buttons on a website can help draw attention to the button. Placement in prominent locations such as the top portion of a website can lead to higher conversions because users will likely notice the call to action button and take action immediately. By putting the call to action in a very distinguished area, it is more likely that the user will notice it or remember it later, after they have looked at the site’s content.


The use of whitespace around a call to action button is an effective way of making it stand out in areas where there are many elements. The more it stands out with nothing around it can draw users eyes to it quicker and make them click on the links. Try to add space around your buttons for more visual affect. The more space there is in between a call to action button versus surrounding copy or other buttons, the less connected they are. Therefore, if you have copy that can help convince users to take action, reduce the whitespace in between those elements and the CTA.


Making the CTA look very important can be useful. By using bold, confident, and commanding words can draw the user’s attention in such a way as to convince them that they shouldn’t wait any longer to take action and that waiting to take action could result in a missed opportunity.

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