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There are many smart ways to get more sales with the right personalization and automation strategy. And Email marketing is still a proven way to reach your audiences with relevant, personalized content that increases sales, while also promoting your brand. If you use Shopify or WooCommerce, ActiveCampaign helps you optimize your marketing automation strategy by letting you sync product offerings from your online store and using that information to create targeted campaigns and automations.

With product catalog, you can trigger a number of automations using your online store data. Here are some examples of email campaigns that you could easily automate:

  • Remind customers of products they left behind in their shopping cart
  • Send a new arrivals round up based on visits to your website’s new arrivals page
  • Recommend products based on interests and past purchases to drive repeat business
  • Cross-sell different products and services to drive awareness and up your sales potential 

What is Product Catalog?

Sync your store
Sync your online product offering to ActiveCampaign to access deeper product information.

The new product catalog feature lets you connect your online store and pull deeper product data into ActiveCampaign like inventory, size, brand, and color on top of existing fields. You can then use this information to power pre-built automations, build advanced segmentations, and design beautiful, personalized email campaigns that drive conversions and repeat purchases. 

Use Product Catalog to enhance your email marketing

select using filters
Populate relevant products using filters, sorting capability, or manually select the products in a targeted email campaign.

Using advanced segmentation within the email designer, you can build targeted emails based on your audience’s interests, profile, location, and browsing behaviors, and populate products that they’re most likely to buy. You can bring in relevant product information through various filters, product sorting capabilities, or manually select the products that you want to highlight in a targeted email campaign for unique customer segments. You can filter and sort your product content based on: 

  • Inventory
  • Bestsellers
  • Best Rating
  • Average Rating
  • Price
  • New arrivals
  • Recently added
  • Sale

Go one step further by customizing your email campaigns with different products, images, or offers based on the conditions you set – adding another layer of personalization.

Use Product Catalog data to automate workflows

cross sell automation
Drive conversions when you customize your automations according to customers behaviors to boost upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

To make it simple and easy to get going, check out these product catalog “recipes”, or pre-built, automation templates, in our library.

  1. Product Catalog: Cross-Sell– Show shoppers products and accessories that compliments their recent purchase or maybe offer a small discount on a specific product.
  2. Product Catalog: Abandoned Cart Upsell– Specify conditions for the products that show from your ecommerce store. Show the needed information and accessories to help complete the experience for your contacts and recover the sale.
  3. Product Catalog: New Product Launch – Showcase the products you choose via segmentation to appear in your email campaigns. Curate the products you want to send when contacts visit your site multiple times.
  4. Product Catalog: New Arrival– Follow-up with contacts who are looking at products on your site with an email that shows the newest arrivals in the same category they were browsing.

ActiveCampaign’s product catalog helps you market smarter and get the most out of every interaction with your customer. No missed opportunities or guesswork.  Learn more about how to use product catalog in the new email designer in our help center or start your free trial today!

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