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ChatGPT Sucks at Local SEO

#6 Verify your business with Google, as this can also help improve your visibility in search results.

Wrong. It won’t have any impact on your rankings directly. This isn’t really a factor in terms of your ranking, but it WILL allow you to edit your listing, which, of course, is super valuable. You want to be able to make changes to your listing, update your categories, add new categories, all that will have a positive impact.

But the actual act of verifying versus unvarying is not a signal in itself. You got that one wrong, too, ChatGPT.

#7 Optimize your website for local SEO and make sure it has Google My Business structured data markup.

Yeah, 100%. You have to optimize your website for local SEO. Make sure that you have lots of content relevant to the products and services that you offer, optimize your title tags, optimize your headings… Just standard SEO stuff. Okay, ChatGPT, you’re right.

I don’t know what Google My Business structured data markup is, but it doesn’t exist. Chat GPT is making stuff up here.

I like the first part of #7, but the second part? Lots of question marks here. Come on, what are you talking about?

#8 Make sure your website is mobile friendly, loads quickly and has good content, as these factors affect the visibility of your Google Business Profile in search results.

This is a bit of a stretch. It’s a really minor factor, if anything. The third part, though, that you have to have good content? Yep, 100%. You want to have really good content that goes into detail about your services, but mobile friendly and loads quickly isn’t really much of a ranking factor.

It’s still good to do, but it’s more of a conversion factor. You want to make sure that people are having a good experience on your website. It should look good on mobile. It should load fast so that they don’t bounce. But from an actual ranking perspective, there isn’t a lot of correlation between speed, mobile friendliness and rankings overall. I give ChatGPT a 3 out of 10 on this advice.

And the problem with all this advice is that it’s based off of the Internet, and the Internet is full of misinformation . And it’s also old. The data that ChatGPT was trained on is from 2021.

So, don’t necessarily trust ChatGPT for local SEO advice.

I hope you found this video helpful. See you next time!

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