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Erika Cruse Named One of St. Louis’ Top Executives

Small Business Monthly recently named Senior Account Executive Erika Cruse one of St. Louis’ Top Executives—but our team has known how talented she is for years.

Erika’s been a part of the Atomicdust team since 2008. She’s been helping both the company and our clients grow ever since, with creative ideas, thoughtful insights and an unflinching commitment to exceptional quality.

Erika and Rich look at mockups of the Ron Rubin Winery website designErika with the giant M at The Midwestern

Touching every part of the creative process, Erika guides clients and leads internal teams to deliver award-winning creative solutions that solve business challenges. She’s helped our clients to stand out with distinctive brand identities, grow sales with functional and beautiful websites, and improve the customer experience with unique and compelling brand experiences.

But it’s not just her skills that make Erika a great leader and teammate. She’s known for her enduring positivity, authenticity and heart, and is always looking for ways to take projects to the next level.

And, of course, she’s also a former child star, getting named Little Miss Knightline in 1991. We’re always in awe of the sheer talent and celebrity that walks among us every day in the office.

Erika Cruse - Little Miss Knightline

Erika Cruse in 1991 after being crowned Little Miss Knightline

We’re so excited for Erika’s recognition (thanks Small Business Monthly!) and are proud to call her a member of our team. Join us in congratulating her on the well-deserved honor!


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