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Explainer Video Benefits – How Videos Help to Increase Conversion

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or services. These types of videos can come in many different forms such as live-action, animated, whiteboard, and combinations.

It will be up to your business to decide which form of explainer video you prefer and up to a creative agency like ours to develop top explainer video content for you.

Explainer Video Benefits – What these videos do best:

Increasing web conversions

What is a website conversion? A website conversion occurs when a visitor on your website completes a desired action such as purchasing a product, filling out a form, clicking a button, signing up for emails, sharing content on social media and so much more.

How does one increase web conversions?

You can increase web conversions by analyzing how your audience interacts with your site, make a call to action buttons, simplify your navigation, make your site mobile friendly, and making it easy to convert.

Additionally, some sites experience a boost of conversion rates by as much as 144% after including great video content on their website.

Improving SEO search rankings

What does SEO stand for? SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Improving SEO search rankings involves the process of growing website traffic by increasing visibility of a website to users of search engines.

Strong SEOs optimize your website to make it appear high in the search engine page results and have been proven to help with these rankings.

Keeping viewers on your page for up to 2x Longer

The longer you can keep a visitor on your website, the more likely they are to partake in a conversion.

By improving SEO’s and the steps to increase one’s web conversions (as stated above), you will be more likely to keep viewers on your page for up to 2x longer.

Top video content can be a fantastic asset for keeping viewers on your page for longer because they will be engrossed by the video-based content and encouraged to partake in a conversion.

Many additional marketing situations (investor pitches, email signatures, trade shows, etc.)

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