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Game Localization Success Story: Quadrupled Sales in South Korea

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Out of the Park Developments quadrupled sales in South Korea — the fourth-largest video game market in the world — by localizing its benchmark game into Korean.

I spoke to Richard Grisham, past COO of Out of the Park and current Director of Business Development at Com2Us — a Korean development company that acquired Out of the Park in 2020.

Stream our conversation below for insights into:

  • How to successfully roll out a localized version of a game
  • Running “microcampaigns” for better ROI on your global marketing efforts
  • Cultivating brand ambassadors and future employees from your user base.

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Those quadruple sales in South Korea? Here’s where we fit in.

In most of the world, once a buyer reached the web storefront page, Out of the Park saw a high conversion rate. But the Korean version of the page had a much lower conversion rate than any other language — even after releasing the localized version of the game.

Out of the Park uses FastSpring for their ecommerce checkout. When a buyer is ready to check out, they’re taken to a web storefront hosted by FastSpring.

After some meetings with FastSpring’s customer success team, they figured out the issue.

“It turns out that the expectation of your typical Korean customer is that they’re not going to spend $40 for a game. And we never put the price of the game anywhere until the very last page of the checkout,” Richard explained.

When Richard added the price of the game earlier in the checkout process, conversion rates improved dramatically. Here’s Richard telling the story.

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