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Quick information

Name of Startup: getActyv
Year Founded: 2019

Type of company: D2C, B2B2C Product – SaaS
HQ Location: Bengaluru, India

Startup Founders:

Amit Gupta,  Founder – Focusses mainly on product and marketing. Enabling useful connections and making relevant introductions. Lead by example and keep the talent motivated.

Ramkiran Ballal, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder, Focused solely on Fitness Products (programs, routines, exercises, and measurement metrics). Engages actively with the technology team and core team on all important strategic matters.

Raji Viswanadhan, Co-Founder, Chief people’s officer, Focussed on culture, people, operations, and learning & development. Engages actively with the technology team and core team on all important strategic matters.

Nitin Shekhar Prasad. Consulting CTO. Focused on technology products (guidance, troubleshooting, code optimization, feature optimization)

Startup one-liner:

AI and Computer Vision assisted health and fitness platform

Problem the startup solves: is attempting to solve a Pain point of inadequate, irregular, incorrect, working out and physiotherapy. We have built a product(software) wherein the user’s device camera turns into a personal coach/physio and gives personalized recommendations and navigates the user along her/his journey.
People’s health the world over is rapidly deteriorating and they will have no choice but to address the same. Physical activity is the lowest yet one of the most impactful measures of controlling and reversing the effects of ill health. On the other hand, the World is also moving towards constantly needing assistance, navigation, and personalization for everything and fitness is no exception to it. Any such solution is either expensive and/or the quality is subjective. With a standardized, yet hyper-personalized offering, an immersive User Exp the user may be convinced to take on physical activity as a way of life. getActyv is like carrying their personal trainer everywhere. It will be like carrying all their movies and music with them everywhere.

Progress and current status:

The product was publicly launched on 3rd Dec 2022. A sharp focus on marketing and user acquisition. Getting encouraging feedback from known customer cohorts the product was shared with. With 250+ users in a short span of time, we are rapidly acquiring new users.

What is a crazy story about the startup?:

Started with A physical format fitness offering focussing on the problem statement of unhealthy kids (4-18years) in gated communities of India in June 2019. With technology intervention in the solution some distance away. Come March 2020, the Pandemic, and the entire business came to a grinding halt in 45 days’ time and staring a refund of $3000 in a boot-strapped company. Pushed to the wall but thankfully with an unyielding and undying spirit to not quit, I started to look around and find ways to pivot and still stay committed to the cause of leaving the world healthier and a happier place than what I got. I came across the use case of Ai and computer vision in the way fitness and physio matters were being addressed in other parts of the world. This intrigued me & got me thinking. I started mobilizing the team and developing a product that is now getactyv.

What is a company the startup looks up to, and why?:

Eruditus (Emeritus) Executive Education. Here’s Why:
1. The way this company in the last 10 years has democratized Ivy league education for career and personal development in India is commendable.
2. The consistent and enhanced quality of the product offering (being a customer in the first ever batch of 2012 for a program from Wharton school and seeing the product in 2022 for another program from MIT on design thinking)
3. Pricing mechanism and the way it has made itself affordable for a vast majority of middle-income people in India
4. Value it has created for all stakeholders from employees to customers, and investors, and if it goes public, for the retail investor. (I know the founder and have tried reaching out to him for mentorship and guidance hi time permitting)

The company in four years will be…

We should have a recognizable brand name in the space of health and wellness in India (in the top 10 Apps) and be present in 5 other western countries.

Financial and User Metrics:

India: Users- 3Mn, Revenue-53Mn, Net Profit-8Mn, User CAC-$16, ARPU-$31, CAC/LTV-3.24
Global : Users 13M, Revenue-322Mn, Net Profit-36Mn, User CAC-$69, ARPU-$79, CAC/LTV-2.98
Technology: a patented Recommendation engine


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