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How do I get enhanced brand content on Amazon?

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), now called A+ Content offers enough scope for brands to personalize their product description section and enhance the aesthetics to draw potential customers. To build Enhanced Brand Content, you need to be a brand-registered seller on Amazon. You can set up an A Plus Content template with enticing visuals, key product benefits, and vital information about your products. 

1) To get started, go into Seller Central and look for ‘Advertising’ on the menu bar at the top of the page and select ‘A+ Content Manager.’

2) Click the ‘Start Creating A+ Content’ button to create a new EBC template.

3) There are various sections on the A+ Content Manager page. In the top section, you can name your content and select a language. By naming and labeling EBC after your products, it is convenient to keep track of your EBC list.

4) Now you can start taking modules for A+ Content. You get various module options to choose from in ‘Add Module’. Every module has a specific character count and image size. Brands can add up to seven modules per A+ Content.

5) You can choose a module from the list with options like images with text, description text, comparison charts, and images with text overlays. There’s enough scope for creativity in the layout design.

6) Once you are finished applying the EBC to the desired ASINs, click the ‘Review & Submit’ button to submit your design for approval. You can send up to 20 pieces of A+ Content in one go.


With Enhanced Brand Content (or A+ Content), Amazon provides an impactful tool to help sellers increase their traffic and bring in more conversions. Let’s look at some key benefits of EBC:

#1: Accelerate the decision-making process

Enhanced brand content or A+ Content makes it easier for customers to browse and scan through your products, giving them a strong reason to choose you over your competitors. Providing your potential customers with every important product detail they need encourages them to finalize a purchase instead of further exploring similar products in the marketplace.

#2: Draw more relevant traffic

Garnering the attention of potential buyers can be counted as an important advantage of A+ Content. It adds tremendous appeal to your content. High-definition product images, well-presented text, bright and clear product details, and multimedia content showcasing product usage – play a vital role in attracting more attention and convincing prospective customers to make an instant buying decision.

#3: Outpace your competition

The core aim of A+ Content is to help sellers showcase their merchandise in the best light and make their products stand out from the rest. A succinct presentation of your products by using various interactive and creative elements truly impresses your customers. Enticing images, short and crisp descriptions, and key highlights of your products are beneficial in attracting more sales and conversions for your brand.

#4: Earn positive customer reviews

This is one of the most vital benefits of Amazon A+ content. By providing all the necessary information to your customers before making a purchase, they get a better understanding of the products and enable them to make an informed decision. Enhanced Brand Content is a great tool for sellers to render an exhilarating shopping experience to the customers encouraging them to leave positive reviews about your products and brand. A better customer satisfaction level and a worthy buying experience contribute to more positive reviews.

#5: Minimize returns

It is evident that satisfied customers would never want to return the purchased products. So it becomes all the more important to provide correct product details, including size, color options, and key attributes. With Amazon A+ content you can share intricate product details in a most pleasing and comprehensive way. 

There are a host of Amazon A Plus Content benefits that can be leveraged to boost your brand presence and substantially increase your sales on Amazon.

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