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Custom Permalink in Blogger (Blogspot)?

The best custom permalink score represents the quality of writing in your blogger blog posts. You can increase it by addressing custom use to instructions. 

Do you want to create a short permalink by consistent keyword strategy and publish great content on your blog? Are you writing good blog posts on Blogspot? But do not rank search engines in posts, pages? 

You should need to create SEO friendly custom permalink structure for blog posts to better SERP and click-through rate.

Make sure your need the best SEO practices for blogger URL. If doing well all about but don’t know permalink structure SEO. You will be losing your actual blog post SERP on Google Search. 

You should need to create SEO friendly custom permalink structure for blog posts.

A permalink help on finds peoples, news, or ideas which are shared web page on the internet. so your need accordingly depth content structures permalinks of your content over time rank.

Do you want to create a website and publish great content on your blog? Are you writing good blog posts on Blogspot but not ranking search engines in posts, pages, and other levels?

Make sure your need the best SEO practices for blogger blog. 

If doing well all about but don’t know permalink structure SEO, You will be losing SERP on Google Search. 

You should need to create SEO friendly custom permalink structure for blog posts to better SERP and click-through rate.

Also, Permalink is a major ranking factor, to order of store targeted algorithms list and ranked by relevance on its search engine results pages (SERPs). To more likely, Visitors first look at the title, links meta descriptions, the good, and readable custom permalink say on search engines it is the actual content.

bazzhood SEO friendly custom permalink

With the high quality of SEO-friendly permalink structure, why need our content? with which covering in your blog URL for better SEO? Permalink SEO is worth it for visitors and Google’s algorithms easy to guess competition keywords specific and index by scores instantly deliver the top results for a search query.

Yes, long trial permalink matter for online business and websites. So today I share how to change and edit and create new custom permalink on the blogger dashboard. and learn all about how to do SEO-friendly permalink on Blogger (Blogspot)

What is a permalink?

A permalink is called a permanent link or acts as a website URL. So, the permalink is Is formed of some specific keywords and special characters. Permanent links are database-backed content management systems on the internet that work like protocol. Permalink definition is the term for computer science and unicode website pages and posts.

Permalinks are blog posts URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which means meaning “permanent links“. Which acts as a protocol. A Permalink giving the (internal database identifier) URL of your blog post, category, static pages, individual blog tag. 

Example permalinks:


A Permalink can be said internal database identifier of dedicated domain location and allow individual blog post entries, It acts as a cookie.

You know what needs to be improved before publishing a post and which ones can get the highest click-through rate.

What is a Custom permalink?

Custom Permalink default setting on blogger and WordPress. Let you know it gives a custom URL structure on blogger posts. Also, SEO loves and overlooking the custom URL. 

SEO terms aid in finding Specific keywords quite easily. So, Custom permalink do clear, simple of your sources content URL! This URL leads you to the exact definition you want. 

This type is based on 1-2 word permalinks – RANK the whole data post. These permalinks make SEO better understood from your content all about keywords.

SEO does showing original research on who are covers all the articles at 1-2 words in the permalinks. It’s ideal for making for advanced-level permalink or permanent link.

Recently, the Blogspot team implements this permalink option to make the blog post more SEO friendly. By which we can control change and improve that was not possible earlier. 

Which allows us to easily remove some stop words by default. Which became automatic from our content title. So if you use it in the unfortunate order for your long title then you can no longer change or update. So it will no longer be search engine friendly. 

Then you need to create an advanced level custom permalinks by removing the extended words from the general permalink using the URL setting.

The easier way this custom permalink option use to do the best SEO practices your post URL. 

Now we have a simple way to change or configure Blogger Permalink.

With the addition of this SEO-friendly option, the Blogspot team has made the blogger blog more acceptable by configuring the permalink inside the post editor.

Why Make Custom Permalinks on blogger?

If you publish your post directly using automatic Permalinks which is not a good thing. Because this URL will not be SEO-friendly. So you should edit to change and set custom permalink in blogger post and page. Also, permalink helps backlink building and rank different types of pages on your blog like blog posts, pages, categories, tags, etc.

Also, Poor permalinks do affect SEO to your Core Web Vitals. So, check your URL length on the permalink creator tool for SEO. But blogger has not tooled for implementation making SEO URL. While Yoast SEO TOOL does not work in blogger websites.

You know blogger to default permalink settings. SEO URLs also play in search engines and help you get organic traffic. So make sure your need to optimize the correct structure Link for Google long lasting SERP ranking.

Yes, clearly! 

Of course, YOU should do permanently edit a permalink to make the good structure that before you publish every piece’s posts.

However, since we are different from WordPress, we can only control one method of post permalink. 


Blogger has some Limitations. So, like WordPress, we can’t exclude months and years from blog post permalink.

And nothing more can be expected from it. Because, As blogger is free Blogging platforms. but it is the best SEO structure permalink that will helps new change does Blogspot SEO even better.

As such, there is still no alternative.

What is Permalink in Blogger?

Blogspot is free blog hosts a content management service, also free blog setup service of google. Blogger allow better SEO-friendly content of blog publishing platform. Permalinks are an important part of SEO but the blogger implement has certain options for optimizing. 

Like other platforms, Google has options here and in the URL setting options. If you’re a New Blogger user, there’s no reason to worry.

First of all, blogger considers the URLs you should use on your blog post to be ranking on google. 

To grow a successful blogger website, you should make remarkable professional links to your blog​. So is URL development is a great plan to improve your blog posts.

Blogspot URL editing instruments are a lot more difficult than WordPress permalink settings. 

You change the old Permalink or newly create your blog posts. There are only show one primary types of blogger permalinks. You may be seen automatically generate custom structure field a link of your title or content first line.

Automatic Permalink


Permalinks are the URL of your post that play the top aspect after it has been published post. It is also best SEO practice to optimize your post URLs for your blog users and search engines.

Normal Permalink vs Custom permalinks

The simple permalink activity generates auto links when you type words. if do normal type, it will lead to a low bounce rate because url not Core Web Vitals.

The custom permalink settings Blogspot blog that use to you change the default yourself, you refine and modify the URL to create a professional blogger blog post, which is called the custom permalink. Look on next Blogging tips step by step! 

How to Create New custom Permalink in Blogger

Create blog posts that will be URL Identify search engines and understand what resonates with your audience.

How to Change Permalink in Blogger?

Now, Blogger has an option for custom permalink, which is given on the right sidebar of the post editor.

Example of Blogger Post’s Custom Permalinks

Custom Permalink

Now you are aware of the post permalink.

Most of the blogger’s blog post permalink structure is not correct. Especially those who come to new blogging do not know most of the SEO techniques of the blog properly.

So, Blogger has an awesome method for custom permalinks that are given in the bar to the right of the post editor.

Most smart bloggers create the link to their posts and do SEO-friendly permalinks in this way.

Whichever you change your need before the “‘draft blog post” and go to the edit on custom URL structure option on blogger post dashboard. Make sure follow additional steps change old Permalink on blogger easy and simply.

How to Change Old Permalink in Blogger?

  • Login into dashboard.
Login into
  • Select a blog the old ”published Posts” on the left side.
Select a blog the old ''published Posts'' on the left side.
  • To click  post published title, and ‘Edit’ post option.
To click  post published title, and ‘Edit’ post option.
  • Next click to ‘Revert to Draft‘ option button
Next click to ‘Revert to Draft‘ option button
  • Now, click on the ‘ Custom Permalink’ option of the Permalink.
Now, click on the ‘ Custom Permalink’ option of the Permalink.
  • Create new Permalink, click the update button and publish the post.

How to Create SEO friendly Permalink in Blogger?

SEO-friendly Permalink does to creates perfect URLs for your blog posts. WordPress and blogger link settings help you create also shareable structure URL by custom Permalink at scale. 

If you want to make your own all posts first index on search engines and share with social media, it does your aid.

Are you a content writer or you went to start a blog on blogger or WordPress, your should know about permalink SEO. we know great content is king. So we should need to create the best custom permalink for blog posts with better ranking.

People always have a clear-cut and easy way, so you don’t just have to make Permalink. So that everyone can understand him, what kind of post is this by looking at the URL in an instant.

Are you going to do manually edit to change a permalink (on SEO Friendly URL and Permalink Structure to individual post or page? This post will help you learn how to edit and change on Blogger or Blogspot?

How to Do BlogSpot Permalink for Better SEO?

  1. Go to custom URL Post settings on blogger 
  2. Optimized URLs short and keyword-rich
  3. keep on Consistent keywords in URLs
  4. Use Hyphens In-Between Words on blog post URL.
  5. Keep URL HTTPS signal 
  6. Don’t use stop words
  7. Keep main blog post title keyword on URL
  8. actionable meaningful sentence
  9. 1-2 longtail keywords
  10. Keep (-) hyphenated description on permalink.
  11. Keep limited character into permalink
  12. keep default permalinks structure by Breadcrumb tags
  13. Make sure to use lowercase letters, Etc.

Example SEO friendly permalinks:

But google Bloggers generate a good custom URL link for their users. You should know this only allows blog publishing, this does not come with overall features for google users. 

Notice, most of the new bloggers don’t know this secret, it is the possible custom permalink for blog posts on the blogger platform. This is a simple way to create a URL with your targeting keywords. Yes without losing SERP for a simple mistake.

Create Custom Redirects Old URL.

When you create new custom URL structure form old URL, your should need Redirects for losing organic traffic. If you do not optimize the old URL, your traffic will be reduced. 

When you change the permalink in your blog post. Make sure proper redirection to new relevant post link. If will do not optimize custom redirection option you will plenty of blog and drop SEO. Also, Custom robots tags follow active blog posts URLs and show on search engines.

So. changed custom URL link matter blog SEO. Because, 404 page exact blog entry, if linked aged content from Blogger old post. Custom redirect is important for new Blogger content items that help search engine it was actual fetched content.

Make sure, you should redirect your old permalink to a new permalink. This will help you access your old permalink from other separate posts and search snakes.

How to Remove Date from Blogger Blog Post URL?

You look at how to make WordPress permalink structure Blogspot post. Blogger permalink without a date does mean are used for a long time.

I say is it impassible. WordPress to easy to remove but the blogger platform does not allow removing date in Blogger permalink to remove date and year from Blogger post URL. So keep, It also help visitor find your blog on search engines up to date with relevance.

Just go Blogger theme editor paste bit of code on your template. But, This code snippets will do a plain type of URL default Automatic, So  you will loss google ranking and drop in traffic to your site.

You know optimize will your blog affects redirection issues because blogger is simple another CMS platform.

Then ever, your need to add on some javascript blogger theme. but it bad practice is killing your SEO and SERP. 

So don’t remove the link date in the Blogger original permalink structure from posts, vital blogger is an SEO-friendly platform of google.


I hope you enjoyed this custom Permalink in blogger. In this guide I show a simple definition of permalink structure . And actually give you a how to change Permalink simple steps to get started.

Also , there’s a lot to learn about why it important for post and pages. how much impact permalink on your traffic and SEO.

So I recommend getting started with proper optimize your database -backed content management systems of default permalink structure.

I say you make sure that search engines can like core keyword phrase of webpage contents.

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