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Most businesses assume branding to be only the visual aspect of the business like name, logo, design, and colors. While it was true years ago, the perception of branding nowadays has changed entirely.

Branding now is more than just visuals. It is the process of building a memorable positive image of the company and its products/services in the consumers’ minds, by integrating design aspects with the mission and vision of the company, consistently across all channels.

In a Zendesk study, 87% of the consumers said they wanted brands to have more consistent experiences across all social media platforms. This means that consumers expect the same tone of voice across websites, emails, and social media. Hence, a consistent brand across all marketing platforms has become inevitable.

Importance of branding

Branding is more than just a logo and design. It’s a story your business narrates to the customers – makes it interesting. It makes your brand memorable and helps build relationships with the customers. It impacts the consumer’s decision of buying from you.

Branding being so important, businesses let professionals tackle this task and there’s no wonder that full-fledged agencies are working on just branding services.

Branding requires a massive investment with respect to time and effort and involves risk. If your budget allows, hire an agency. An agency will cater to all your branding needs and you don’t have to go back and forth for every single thing.

In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know to hire the right branding agency in Dubai for your business.

What is a branding agency?

A branding agency primarily focuses on creating a brand for a business or refurbishing the existing one based on consumer psychology, design, and communicating the positive aspects of the business.

The main goal of a branding agency is to help increase your brand awareness and reputation by simultaneously helping you achieve your desired results.

Impact of hiring a professional branding agency

Branding doesn’t end at logos, design, and creatives. The actual work starts from there.

Branding gives your business a competitive advantage over your rivals. An established brand helps in acquiring new customers, retaining them, and generating profits.

Branding is the quality of experience your business provides at every customer touchpoint. It includes figuring out your target audience, your business purpose, and what your business stands for and consistently highlighting it in the best way possible, across all social media platforms.

Consistent branding across all platforms is vital for your business and is bound to increase the revenue generated by 33%.

However, branding a business is not a piece of cake. It is quite a task and requires a lot of resources and dedication from skilled professionals. Hence, hiring a branding agency in Dubai is the best thing you could do for your business.

Here are top 7 ways which will tell benefits & impacts of hiring a branding agency in Dubai on your business and how it helps you reach the masses.

1. Hands-on experience of working with different businesses:

A branding agency like The Go-To Guy! brings in a hands-on experience of working with businesses in different industries which makes them understand what works and what doesn’t. It helps save time that gets wasted in trying and testing which can now be utilized in perfecting different branding aspects of the business.

2. Making your business memorable in the consumer’s mind:

As we’ve mentioned before, branding doesn’t end with logos and design; it starts from there. Putting in efforts to create a memorable visual identity of your business in the consumer’s mind will place you ahead of your competitors. This familiarity makes them trust you enough to buy from you in the long run.

3. Helps in building emotional connections with the customers:

According to a study, 95% of the purchase decisions of customers are driven by emotions. Customers are attracted to your brand not only because of your marketing, emotions play a huge role there. Oftentimes, knowing your business elements like your core value, work ethics, and culture influence your consumer’s emotional connect. And, a lot of branding agencies work from the ground up by crafting the core values first.

4. Makes your brand stand tall amidst your competition:

A brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors. The consumer is not loyal to the products the businesses sell but they relate to the brand they’ve created. The logo, product packaging, tone of voice, the core values of your business, etc make you stand out in the eyes of your customers and make them choose you over your competitors.

5. Helps your brand tackle tasks with creativity:

By hiring a branding agency, you get to work with specialists like brand strategists, writers, designers, illustrators, etc under one roof who can come up with creative ideas to enhance your business image with their experience and creativity. But, if you decide to do it in-house, your branding might get hampered and delayed.

6. Helps your business in maintaining brand consistency:

Creating a brand is not a one-time thing. It also requires being consistent in maintaining a positive brand image. And, most businesses lack consistency in their marketing and branding efforts making it work against them. A branding agency knows the importance of consistency and the impact it can have on your business and works towards achieving it.

7. Drives your brand towards growth:

According to a Mckinsey and company study, strong brands outperform others by as much as 20%. Meaning a company with a strong brand positioning will always perform better than the ones that don’t have one. Branding is a slow process but when done right, it is bound to generate consistent leads and help the business grow.

The benefits of hiring a professional branding agency

Building a successful brand demands time, effort, and resources. It requires a professional branding agency to help build a memorable brand that gives back by generating revenue in return.

Here are the 8 benefits of hiring a professional branding agency:

1. A fresh perspective:

Businesses can be biased when it comes to talking about themselves. Hiring a branding agency can help in putting things into perspective. The branding agency can offer a third-person perspective of what’s not working and what needs to change to better understand the company and its products/services. A branding agency brings innovation and creativity to the table.

2. Expertise and skill:

Branding is not a one-man show. It requires experts from different fields ranging from a copywriter, and designers, to a marketer. And, it’s quite a task for a company’s in-house team to get it done right. Whereas a branding agency like The Go-To Guy! brings about efficiency, experiences, and proven frameworks in crafting branding strategies.

3. Tackling change:

The benefit of hiring a branding agency in Dubai lies in the way they tackle change. They adapt to the changes in the business plans and provide the best branding strategies moving further. The best branding agency never hesitates and is always ready to guide you through its expertise.

4. Brand strategy:

A brand strategy is crucial for any business to gain and retain the consumer’s attention. A brand strategy determines what your business stands for: defining your target audience, competitor analysis, and brand positioning. And, only an expert branding agency can craft a brand strategy that helps create awareness and position your business in the market and in consumers’ minds.

5. A partnership:

Strong branding is everything for a business. And, branding is not a one-time thing of creating a brand name and logo. It’s way more than that. The job doesn’t get done after the branding, it starts from there. It takes skills to manage the goodwill in front of the consumers and luckily, branding agencies look for long-term partnerships to create and maintain the brand.

6. Cost-effective:

Hiring a branding agency in Dubai sounds expensive but it is a cost-effective solution if you don’t have a branding team in-house already. It might take you months to recruit salaried people which puts you months behind your competitors. Hiring an agency is the right choice to make if you’re looking for proven strategies that have worked in the past.

7. Time efficiency:

Building a brand in-house can cost you high. This is not only inefficient but also takes forever to hire the right people ultimately causing a decrease in the revenue. Hence, hiring a branding agency in Dubai like The Go-To Guy! is an efficient way to get your work done without a dip in revenue. This means you can have a functional branding strategy in no time.

8. Building a strong brand:

With skilled professionals working on creating your brand, you can be confident about building a strong brand. A branding agency helps you through the entire branding process from ideation to execution. The dedicated specialists will craft a brand that helps build everlasting relationships with the customers.

Here’s how The Go-To Guy can help you.

“Your brand is the most important investment you can make in your business.”

– Steve Forbes, American Publishing Executive.

Now branding is more important than anything else. A brand is a story your business tells to the customers. Creating and maintaining a brand image is one of the best ways to acquire and retain customers.

The way your brand makes the customers feel affects your sales. Hence, make sure to focus on staying consistent with your brand, and tone of voice and spark some emotion to stay on top of your customer’s mind.

And, it gets overwhelming to build a brand that stands out and sells. If you feel that way then reach out to us.

We are the no-nonsense executionists giving life to your ideas. We believe in building powerful brands every day through great copy, design, and digital.

We can help you create an impact just like we did with our a number of clients.

Here are 3 accounts of our clients we’ve built a strong brand presence:

1. Valuefy

Valuefy is a cutting-edge investment technology software guiding investors toward data-driven decisions.

The company had a wrong perception of itself as a brand. They were much bigger than they imagined. Now, the challenge was to position them as they were, a $100 million company in front of their customers.

We created a brand strategy, digital strategy, content marketing strategy, SEO, and social media strategy, and also did paid campaigns which were a massive success.

2. Wozart

Wozart is a smart home automation company simplifying everyday life through its digital gadgets to control, monitor, and automate homes.

The business wanted to rebrand itself to achieve the right positioning in the market. The challenge here was to increase their brand awareness across India to generate leads for their products.

We created a brand strategy aligning with their needs and a responsive website design. Then moved ahead to create a content marketing strategy, social media strategy, digital strategy, SEO, and paid campaigns. And, it garnered an amazing response.

3. Santosh Dhaba

Santosh Dhaba is a 50-year-old restaurant serving north Indian cuisine in the twin cities.

The challenge was to restore their legacy and help them reclaim their brand identity with so many imitators around.

We helped them tell their story loud and clear for the world to listen. A clear brand identity to distinguish from the imitators. The thought process which went down into making the logo and the way it turned out, made us proud. And, we also created a brand strategy, digital strategy, website, SEO, social media strategy, and paid campaigns.

The good news is we’ve expanded to UAE and we’re already one of the best branding agencies in Dubai.

If you’re looking for branding, rebranding, or digital marketing services then let us help you. Talk to us, today!

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