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How to Maintain Brand Personality in Your Email Designs

4 billion– that’s the total number of daily email users, at present. That’s roughly half the global population, just to put things into perspective. The long and short of this is, almost everyone with an internet connection uses email. But, its primary use is not with respect to exchanging personal correspondences. It is in professional spheres where its stocks truly glisten. Irrespective of whether you’re plying your trade as an individual or as an organization, email is your go-to channel for communicating with your customers, isn’t it?

On a daily basis, your mailbox chimes with messages from a gazillion brands. However, you don’t really engage with them all, do you? You communicate with a select few, cherrypicked using mostly the following criteria:

  • You find it easy to establish a dialogue with them
  • You find them credible based on their industry know-how
  • You feel your relationship with them is not strictly transactional
  • You look up to them as your one-stop solution providers

In a nutshell, the warmer your perception of a brand, the better your engagement with them. Now, this perception isn’t an accidental thing. Brands put in a lot of painstaking yards to curate it. Why? Because this perception is what you’d also refer to as a business’ “Brand Personality” and is the very thing that allows them to stand out from the crowd. In a ubiquitous communication medium like email, its significance can’t possibly be overstated. You can be prolific with your email campaigns, but if your designs don’t have a distinctive brand personality, you’ll have a tough time outshining your competitors. 

Wondering how you can ace that? You’re just at the right place, then. 

How to maintain brand personality in email

There is a whole slew of techniques that will allow you to maintain brand personality in your email designs. Ready to find out? Let’s proceed.

1. Be Clear About Your Tone

This is, hands down, one of the most crucial components of your brand personality. The tone of your brand is the very voice with which you reach out to your audience. It is a manifestation of your character, a tangible entity belonging to your brand that your customers commit to their memories.

More often than not, brands tend to think in broad strokes while conceptualizing their tone. “Let’s aim for funny,” “We need to be a serious brand,” “Our target is to appeal to teenagers” are examples of the kind of briefs that get floated around during brand tone brainstorming sessions. I’m not saying these briefs are bad, but they’re incredibly vague. If you end up building on these directives, you’ll end up sounding just like your competitors. We don’t want that, of course, do we? So, what can we do? We get really specific while chalking out our brand tone blueprints.

Allow me to share an example so that you and I can get on the same page regarding this discussion.

Below, I’ve shared an email each by TUSHY and Pit Viper.

Wrapping It Up

Email is an exciting and highly rewarding channel for businesses of every shape and hue, which means that its users will only keep growing in the days to come. And with that, the competition is all set to get much steeper than what it is at present. All this is, of course, not under your control. But, you know what is? Acing your brand personality in your email designs and soaring above your competitors! We hope the tips and tricks shared above will help you with that endeavor.

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