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As a college student, your financial health is always at risk because of your typical expenses and debts. Finding ways to save money in college helps ensure you live a comfortable life. Apart from a side hustle and budgeting, a great way to save money is through using coupons.

With coupons, you save money on various goods and services you’re buying. It’s a legitimate way to save money, considering 83% of consumers have used promo codes to make purchases. Many discount offers and deals are being offered on goods out there, but you need to find them. The following are a few tips on how you can use your promo codes to maximize your savings:

1. Find sites that offer coupon codes

Using promo code is among the ways you can save money in college. However, you need to find the codes first to benefit from them.

You can get coupon codes from many websites by simply using search engines. You can search for the site name and promo codes, and suggestions will appear on your screen.

Alternatively, you can visit, an online discount finder tool. Online promo code tools help you identify the retailers that are offering discounts so that you can shop with them. If you’re looking to save during your purchase, look for these codes before buying anything you want. 

2. Read the fine coupon print

If you always skip the terms and conditions of your coupons, you need to stop that to save more. Before redeeming your promo code, read the specifications given by the retailer. it’ll save you from the pain of discovering new information when you’re too far into the purchase. 

You should look for any limit set on the number of times you can use your code or the expiry date if it has any. It’ll help you in making a decision, such as when you should use your code and what items you should use it on.

3. Buy in bulk

To get more value from your promo code, consider spending large amounts on your shopping by buying in bulk. Also, you can redeem it at the beginning of the semester when you buy a lot of school supplies. You can get a list of deals for students being offered by various retail shops for products like electronics or clothing. 

Such a strategic purchase saves you more because you typically spend more at the beginning of the semester compared with mid-semester shopping. If you have a 10% promo code, you’ll save more at the start of the semester. Also, you don’t need to worry about shop-to-shop purchases; an industry report shows that 20.4% of global retail sales are through e-commerce, so you can shop from the comfort of your house.

4. Check for promo codes at checkout

You can save money through the checkout process itself. Once you create an account with the retailer, you can get your promo code in “account settings.” Also, you can check the deals applied to your purchase when completing your checkout order. Don’t be too hasty in completing the transaction without checking the promo codes.

5. Have an alert for when promo codes are offered

Saving money requires conscious effort from your end. It’d help to stay updated on new offers from your favorite stores. Most businesses offer deals three times a month: in the beginning, mid, and end. Mark your calendar and have recurring reminders on your phone so that you can shop. Also, frequently check various social media platforms because retailers can advertise their offers there.

6. Stack promo codes

Retailers can give you more than one promo code for the same offer. You can save money from this when you take advantage of these offers. If retailers have a 10% code and free shipping, use both to save more.

7. Use coupons for all holidays

Most coupon sites and businesses have promo codes during holidays. These categories will streamline your school shopping experience by directing your purchases to holiday-specific

retailers with the best price selections. Also, if you’re traveling alone or with friends, look for travel discounts and deals that’ll make the vacation cheaper. 

8. Do some math before buying.

Retailers can offer you promo codes as an amount or a percentage off. Before you apply a promo code, calculate which best saves you more. Sometimes, an amount off will pay better than a percentage off.


Studying in college can be expensive, and you’d want to spend money responsibly and save as much as possible. Using a promo code is one effective money-saving habit you ought to try. Implement the tips above on maximizing savings through promo codes.

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