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Seth Rowden on Brand Language

BP&O Voices

Written by Seth Rowden

Posted 4 October 2022

For those of you who don’t know (which is most of you), I happen to live in Norwich.

Ironically, I moved here from Brighton, the exact reverse migration of the Norfolk-born Creative Director of UnitedUs, the agency behind Farmyard Frozen.

Like many restaurants in 2020, Farmyard in Norwich had to think creatively about how to serve its à la carte menu to customers who couldn’t leave their homes.

You could say that Farmyard Frozen is a more refined version of their lockdown experiments, although that would be unfair. It’s more accurate to say it’s lockdown-inspired.

These are restaurant-quality frozen meals made from locally-sourced ingredients and delivered across the UK. Before we get into the spin-off brand, we should probably talk about the restaurant itself.

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