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The #1 Thing Business Leaders Can Do to Make Their Lives Easier

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Grab a coffee with a business leader these days and ask what their top concerns are.  You will likely hear a wide variety of things.  Every business is different, and every industry is different.   

However, I’ll bet you that coffee that three themes show up in some form. 

  • It’s tough to generate results in this dynamic business climate 
  • It’s hard to keep my team happy and productive 
  • I don’t have enough time to think about what’s next 

The third one is very interesting.  

Leaders have a lot on their plate these days.  They are consumed trying to create consistent results and hold their team together.   

Most of them feel a nagging sense that they should be doing more.  They should be working on more strategic things.  They should be more future focused.   

Should, should, should. 

“Should” is a negative word. It can set unrealistic expectations and damage your confidence.  We like to help leaders to shorten their ‘should list’.  

Should is a negative word 

How to shorten your ‘should list’?  By finding things you can do that have long term benefits, but also are easy to get started, easy to keep going, and that have a high ROI. 

We’ve worked with over 100 business leaders over the past three years.  And we’ve found one type of project that, if not already in place, outperforms the rest. 

The Number One Thing You Can Do to Modernize is Create KPI Dashboards 

When we introduce the concept of effective business KPIs and dashboards for leaders – there has been immediate traction. 

KPIs Fit Well into the Short-Term Realities 

KPI’s seem to solve number a short-term problems. 

They provide value immediately, and ROI is high. 

It’s easy to get started, and it’s pretty easy to sustain with a little bit of focus. 

KPI’s create some A-Ha moments and generates some quick wins. 

 Example KPI DashboardA sample Employee KPI dashboard for leaders 

KPI Dashboards Also Set You Up For The Long Term  

A well-constructed set of KPIs, with a good array of dashboards, is more effective than most any planning exercise you would undertake.   

They can help you identify process improvement opportunities. 

They improve communication by helping employees understand what the goals of the company are 

The increase accountability by helping teams and individuals know what good looks like, and how they’re progressing 

They help to identify areas to build more digital capability and promotes automation in the right areas. 

KPI’s can give you some of what you need right now, as well as some of what you need for the long haul, without having to choose. 

The 4 D’s of KPI Dashboards 

Here are Second Spring, we’ve niched down on KPIs dashboards and related data and integration problems. We are working to help you get the right KPI’s in place that span the key areas of the business.  

We’ve developed a proven process to make this easier for you. It’s called the 4-D KPI System.    

The 4 D’s are 

  1. Discover 
  1. Design 
  1. Digitize 
  1. Do It 

 The 4D KPI System

Like to talk about the best mix of KPI’s and dashboards for your business?  You can Contact Us or Book a Call anytime. 

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