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ABM is a hot topic right now in the B2B space, and for a good reason. It works. ABM is account-based marketing. It’s a marketing strategy where you identify the accounts you want to work with and directly target them.

I want you to consider another acronym for ABM – Always Be Meaningful.

ABM works… when it is meaningful.

It builds a relationship where we can say: 

“I want you.” 

“I understand the problem you are facing.”

“Here is how we can help.”

How much more attractive and meaningful is that to the prospect?

Rather than blasting out marketing messages all about you and why someone should work with you, you’re saying, “hey I know your specific frustrations and problems, and I truly want to help you. I spent the time researching your company, and I know we’d be a great fit.”

That message brings more meaning and trust to the conversation.

Always be meaningful. No matter what kind of marketing you’re doing.

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