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The Procedurally Generated Son Returns – CHRIS BROGAN

I asked ChatGPT to draw me vampires that hang out in the steam furnaces of a futuristic but dreary old city. The painting is very moody with belching flames, lots of rainy skies and scary figures
Image generated by asking ChatGPT for text and feeding it into Stable Diffusion

I’m writing here for the first time in a long time. Why? Because of ChatGPT. Because it’s pretty wild. It’s a “chat to _____” kind of tool where you can type out a request and get some really interesting feedback. What kind? This article covers it better than I want to, because that’s not my goal.

Instead, I wanted to keep a running list of ideas I’ve had about it, and share some of that with you. If you’re not getting my weekly newsletter these days, then you’ll probably feel a bit lost. I talked about it there a lot the last few weeks.

I haven’t felt this way about a technology in years. This is the good stuff. At least so far. Just like anything, it could implode.

Stick with me?

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