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Three Social Media Campaigns That Went Viral To Inspire Your Advertising — Bolder&Louder – Branding, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Ad Agency

Our world has 7.9 billion people, and 4.48 billion of them have social media accounts. In other words, more than half of the world’s population is plugged into social media, making it one of the most powerful digital marketing tools on the planet.

While many brands are having a time breaking through with their social media strategy, there are some that are hitting it out of the park. Not only did their sales increase, but it shifted their entire brand image and positioning in the marketplace – in some instances taking small players and making them a main player (see Casper mattresses below). In others, taking an already established brand and by clever campaign design, getting their audience to create their content for them (see Apple below).

So if you’re still racking your brains for the best social media strategy, here are three great viral social media campaigns to learn from:

CAMPAIGN 1. #ShotOniPhone

Company: Apple

Social Media Platform: Instagram

Campaign in a Nutshell:

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