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Use Zapier integration to verify emails from your favorite apps – QuickEmailVerification Blog

As a marketer, you probably use multiple tools and technologies to drive growth for your organization. And QuickEmailVerification always makes sure you collect only correct, valid and deliverable email addresses.

So when you come across a new tool, you naturally want to know if QuickEmailVerification has an integration with that tool.

Well, Zapier is the answer you are looking for. The QuickEmailVerification-Zapier integration makes it super-easy for you to connect with 1,000 apps and better automate your workflow.

What makes Zapier special?

Simply put, Zapier establishes connections between two apps to help them share data.

It’s here that Zapier solves a major problem. For platforms with which QuickEmailVerification doesn’t have an integration, Zapier lets you easily create one.

That means you will no longer have to worry about whether there’s an integration available for the platform you are interested in. And the best part is you don’t need people with a strong background in API or expert coders to use Zapier.

Thanks to our integration with Zapier, you can be sure that only safe, valid, and deliverable email addresses enter your mailing list or marketing database.

How QuickEmailVerification Zapier integration works for you

You already know QuickEmailVerification gives you the best results when it comes to email validation. Our email checker separates accept-all addresses, disposable addresses, role addresses and other poor quality addresses from high-quality email addresses. You get all these features when you use the integration – plus the convenience.

Here’s one of the many ways you can use the integration.

For instance, when a new user keys in their email address in your sign up form through the platform of your choice, Zapier instantly alerts QuickEmailVerification to verify the email address. QuickEmailVerification will swiftly check if the email address is valid and convey the result back. Depending upon the settings you have chosen, appropriate action will be taken.

All this happens in real-time and barely takes a second. Because it’s seamless, the user doesn’t sense any time lag. And you can be confident that only verified, safe email addresses are entering your database.

You can improve list hygiene right away, and that too free. Sign up to clean your list for free and make your campaigns hugely successful! Now!


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