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We are witnessing a slow death of the traditional methods of reaching potential customers through the outdated Yellow Pages, print media and expensive television and radio advertising.

Today, to get your business or service in front of people you need to be where they are looking and that is on the internet. Over 80% of people searching for products or services start on the internet using search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Google is by far the largest of all the search engines so we will concentrate on them throughout this website.

local search marketingAccording to a Piper Jaffray 2008 research paper, 30 percent of all queries contain a town, city or postcode. With 2.6 billion local searches performed each month, the Internet has now surpassed print Yellow Pages and newspapers as a primary source for local consumer service information. The adoption of smart phones will only add to these numbers, currently 27% and rising of all mobile searches are for local information.

Local Search is predicted to grow by 400% by the end of 2010

It’s no good just having a website. It is in fact invaluable to your business to be on page 1 of Google.  It’s a well know fact that very few users go beyond page 1 when searching for anything on Google. So if you want to make an impact, gain new traffic and customers then you need to be up there with your index listing.

What a lot of people don’t know is you do not need a website to do this! However, we highly recommend you do have an online presence in the form of a website to maximise your return and establish your business on the internet.

You website can convey important information about your business such as opening hours, parking facilities, maps, address, contact information, directions, products, services, photographs, videos, sales, special offers and money-off vouchers etc.

Blend Local Search Marketing can maximise your business exposure by dominating the entire page 1 of Google using your local search keyword terms and phrases.

If you share page 1 of Google with other competing businesses in your sector you still only get part of the market share. By completely dominating it you get the lions share.

Local Search MarketingDid you know…

1)      63% of listings in the #1 search position get a click

2)      Natural or organic search results receive 250% more clicks than paid search

3)      A site with #1 & #2 search positions will get 70% of the traffic for that search term

4)      A listing in natural search means a 30% chance of a click through

5)      Natural search converts 3 times better than paid search

6)      It’s FREE

When you completely dominate page 1 of Google for local search your competitors don’t even get a look in.

What would that mean to you in regards of new business, sales and the bottom line?

Do you want to boom your business?

Do you want to skyrocket sales?

Do you want 10, 100 or 1000’s of new customers?

Local searchers are ones ready to buy and by completely dominating page 1 of Google, who do you think they are going to buy the product or service from? Blend Local Search Marketing offers small and medium sized companies a great opportunity to reach customers on the internet and those who take advantage of this opportunity sooner rather than later will make the biggest returns on investment.

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The Blend promise.

We exclusively provide our Local Search and Google Page 1 Domination tactics to only one company in its business sector. Don’t let it be your competition. Contact us now, before the opposition does.

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What is Local Search Marketing?

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