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Where to Buy Personalized Cards Online

Personalized cards are a great way to give a loved one a unique gift to celebrate an occasion. Cards make wonderful additions alongside gifts or even on their own. They can be selected in many quirky, fun, and beautiful designs, so being able to personalize and buy personalized cards for a recipient adds an extra touch that shows you went the extra mile to accommodate your loved ones. Luckily, these aren’t hard to come by and can be found for reasonable prices such as the personalized cards offered on Boomf.


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What Makes a Good Personalised Card

If you have chosen to offer someone a personalized card, you should be aware of what makes it good so that you can select something your recipient will like.

Personalized cards should stand out from generic ones in that they can be customized for the specific recipient. You will want to make sure that you can add something unique so that it relates to the recipient. When selecting a personalized card, make sure it:

  • Can be personalized for the occasion.
  • Can be personalized for the recipient – such as adding your own design, image, message, or slogan.
  • Ensuring that the personalization isn’t restricted to just the inside message.

Personalization Options

The options that a good personalized card will have to choose from differs depending on the vendor and card, but generally speaking, the things that you should expect to be able to customize, beyond adding your own personal message, are:

  • The design of the card.
  • The text on the front of the card usually addresses the recipient and occasion.
  • The size, shape, and color of the card, and sometimes even the material.

Where Can You Buy Personalised Cards?

Depending on where you live, you will have access to different places to buy personalized cards. Keep in mind that personalized cards take a bit longer for the post office to deliver than generic ones, as often the vendor needs to print out your unique card ahead of time, as opposed to buying a standard design already printed.

Large Retailers

Often, the easiest and fastest to deliver personalized cards come from large online card retailers. Additionally, more often than not, they have the best cards to choose from. Popular online card retailers that offer worldwide shipping personalized cards are:


These options provide worldwide shipping, however, depending on where you are, might take longer to deliver than a local-based card retailer. Make sure to find the best retailer for you when choosing a large retailer as your vendor.

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Etsy / Small Businesses

Certain small businesses and smaller vendors offer personalized cards which can be great options for those that wish to support small businesses. Unfortunately, due to their scale, they often have some drawbacks as opposed to ordering from a larger-scale retailer like Boomf. These drawbacks can include longer delivery times. Or even not being able to deliver to certain parts of the world, higher prices, and slightly worse quality. Nonetheless, this can still be a good option.

Good places to look for such vendors include:

  • Etsy – Many individual card retailers use this platform to host their own shops that offer personalized cards.
  • Instagram shops – Another great option to look for is individual card makers.
  • Other sites that sell crafted goods or on-demand delivery such as Amazon, Redbubble, or eBay.

Generally speaking, however, the best-personalized cards that feature the most customization to make them unique for your recipient are from large-scale retailers, as they have the best quality, prices, delivery times, and overall shopping experience.


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