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Why Journalists Are Disappointed With Your Link Building Campaigns

3. Holes in data and methodology

Even if you follow the trending news stories and appeal to publishers with your campaign’s topic, you can lose them if there are problems with your data or methodology.

Instances of this might include:

  • Old data
  • Too small of a sample size
  • Contradictory findings
  • Statistical percentages not totaling 100%
  • Generational breakdowns that don’t make sense

Publishers look to digital PR professionals for content that will add context to their stories, but the sources need to be credible.

That’s where data and methodology come in.

These aspects are the backbone of your campaign’s credibility as a source.

When developing link building campaigns, cross-check them with others that journalists have covered.

What was the sample size?

Was the data cohesive, and did the findings make sense together?

If your sample size is too small to provide enough context, or your data is out-of-date, your credibility is lost, and your campaign isn’t likely to get covered by any top-tier publications.

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