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Why You Should Use Rich Snippets To Optimize Your Organic Click Through Rate? – SEO Ninja

Earlier, Google search result pages looked quite dull and unorganized. They were like pages of a book that have no images and other related information. But today, when a person surfs on the internet, he or she usually gets information in a very standard and easy to read style. This happens because now Google and other search engines use Rich snippets to display search results.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets have been the latest trend since their introduction in the year 2009. They work as the vital elements of search engine result query. Today, you will find rich results on almost all search engine result pages.

Also known as structured data markup or schema markup, it represents website data in more organized form. By implementing rich snippets you can easily improve your click through rates.

are smart search engine results that display information with extra
details like titles, meta descriptions, images, keywords in bold,
videos, and other details. In smart search, Google uses structured
data to pull out extra information about the web page from the

Here is an example

Search Query Result Using Normal Snippets

  1. Title
  2. Bold keywords
  3. Description
  4. URL

Same Search Query Result Using Smart Snippets

Smart search result will display information with extra information.

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Similar search results
  4. Images
  5. Videos
  6. Rating
  7. Voting
  8. Bold keywords
  9. Breadcrumbs
  10. URL

Which query result you will prefer? Obviously, the one with more details!

Why Rich Snippets are so Vital for SEO Success?

Google uses numerous rich snippets to showcase structured data that search engine implements while displaying information on search engine result pages. This methodology will not only give you direct boost on website ranking, but will impact other elements that aid ranking.

Improves Organic Click Through Rates: As rich snippets showcase detailed information like title, description, images, reviews, rating, videos, etc., you can easily improve your click through rates in search engine result pages.

Minimizes bounce rates: Rich snippets give a preview of website that helps visitors to click on more relevant links. When visitors get the desired search results, they always click and stay longer on that clicked web page. This often helps in minimizing the bounce rates.

As rich snippets improve click through rates, they have become a crucial SEO strategy element. However, you cannot depend on rich snippets to improve your website ranking. The rich snippets not aid in improving ranking directly, but they impact visitors behavior that improves SEO.

How to Represent Web Content with Snippets in SERPs?

By using structured data, you can showcase your website content with rich snippets in the search engine result pages.

It is a standardized format that Google and other search engines use for displaying information about the web pages in the SERPs. Search engines generate rich snippets when they find a page with structured data.

& Structured Data

the year 2011, top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing had
developed Schema.org with a purpose to create and support schemas for
structured data on the web pages and email messages.

schemas work like an agreed markup vocabulary that aid search engine
spiders to understand and display relevant content on the SERPs.

Different Types of Scheme markups

  1. Entertainment
  2. Education
  3. Beauty
  4. Health & Medicine
  5. Food
  6. Festival
  7. Reviews & Rating
  8. Business
  9. Real Estate
  10. History & culture

Ways to Add Rich Snippets to Your Website

Knowing just the significance of snippets is not enough at all, you should have good understanding of how you can implement them to your website.

  1. Google’s Structured Data Markup tool: The tool will let you add markup elements on web pages and email messages manually.
  2. Add Markup manually: You can also add markups manually without using any tool.
  3. Use WordPress plugin: WordPress will provide you numerous plugin options to add markup elements on HTML web pages and HTML email messages.
  4. Hire expert to create your own structured data markup: If you do not want to use built-in structured markups, then you can approach a professional to create custom rich snippets.

How to Verify Schema Markups?

If you are creating your own snippets, then make sure you verify it before implementing it on your website or email message.

Use any schema markup testing tool and copy & paste your custom snippets into it. The tool will display warning or errors message for bugs & missing fields. This will help you to correct all the possible errors and missing fields you may forget to add on your markups.

So if you want to showcase your web pages in a standardized format in search engine result pages, then adding smart snippets or schema markups would be the best alternative for you. This is the cost effective method and works effectively on all types of businesses.

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