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Worldpay UK: a guide to the payment service provider

Worldpay transaction fees, rates and costs

worldpay fees rates and costs uk

Small businesses like Worldpay for its easy-to-understand pricing, fees and rates, without the surprises.

The Worldpay pay-as-you-go fees are 2.75% of each transaction plus £0.20. The rate for the pay monthly option is £19 a month. It’s free to process refunds, and there are no ‘hidden’ fees.

If you’re purchasing a Worldpay card machine, you can pay either a fixed monthly rate or a custom rate.

The custom rate is £17.95 for a standard terminal per month for 18 months, and variable transaction rates (with a minimum charge of £15 per month) based on your sales volumes.

The initial cost of the device on a fixed monthly contract is £49.99 for an 18-month rental period. This is best for mid-sized companies with consistent transaction levels all year-around.

Included in your subscription is access to monthly service invoice online dashboard for £4.99 (free for the first three months).

Worldpay’s charges are headache-free

Worldpay’s fees, rates and overall pricing structures are designed to be as flexible and business-friendly as possible. It offers plans to suit small businesses and growing start-ups, and to make taking face-to-face and online payments easy.

Worldpay rates and fees: The small print

Are there any hidden fees? No – you know where you stand with Worldpay. As with most merchant accounts, there are also no setup fees.

It’s also free to accept international currencies, which will save you a bundle if you’ve got your sights set on reaching global customers.

You’ll also find it’s free to process refunds, and chargebacks are only £15 (this will be returned to you if the chargeback is unsuccessful) – that’s the same as PayPal.

You can read more on credit card processing costs here.

Here’s a summary of Worldpay transaction fees and costs:

  • Worldpay pay-as-you-go cost: 2.75% of each transaction plus 20p
  • Worldpay pay monthly: £19 per month
  • Worldpay device cost: £17.95 (18-month contract)

Worldpay is only one example of a merchant services provider. Having helped small businesses for over 20 years, we know that business owners should compare products and pricing from a range of providers before they sign on the dotted line.

While you’ve got the pricing for Worldpay above, you can compare this to prices from several providers by using our free comparison tool.  We ask you a few simple questions, you receive quotes from merchant service providers that suit your needs, and then you can really see how Worldpay stacks up against the rest – without spending hours on market research.

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