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YayPay partners with Trust Payments: A Pioneering Payments Solution

Quadient Accounts Receivable by YayPay is excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Trust Payments.

Trust Payments is a pioneering payments solution that enables processing of credit card and bank payments across Europe.

This wide-ranging partnership enables Quadient AR to offer you a simpler and faster way to process domestic and cross-border payments. Whatever your needs, Trust Payments offers a seamless and omnichannel commerce experience meaning your customers can pay wherever, however and on any device, helping automate your B2B payment collection.

This important partnership will allow Quadient AR customers to offer one-off transactions and recurring payments on credit card, accelerating support for making payments across the UK and Europe.


 “By partnering with Trust Payments and offering recurring payments on credit card and cross-border transacting, we are empowering businesses on their growth throughout Europe and enabling them to access new opportunities to work with businesses far and wide. The Trust Payments solution is perfect for businesses looking to grow.”

Jessica Peacher, Merchant Solutions Consultant, Payments, Quadient by YayPay


Trust payments at a glance

Trust Payments processes payments faster and more seamlessly in the UK and across Europe.

Capabilities include:

  • Access to local credit card acquiring networks in the UK and European region
  • 100+ global currencies
  • Support across 36 countries in Europe

By offering the ability to set up recurring credit card and one-off payments domestically and cross-border, we will enable businesses to get paid faster, improve their cash flow, simplify the payments process and reduce payment operating costs.


“The ability to implement Trust Payments within your Quadient AR interface is perfect for businesses who have an existing or expanding client base in Europe. This new integration will allow these businesses to accept payments in over 35 countries across Europe, in 100+ currencies whilst offering their customers a consistent payment experience.”

Mark Hartson, PSP Senior Partner Manager, Trust Payments



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